It is time for Weatherstone’s Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale!

Friday November 1 and Saturday November 2 -from 8 until 3 pm. 

This is free for any Weatherstone resident to participate in every year.

We advertise in many places and we even can put as many as 64 photos on one website.  We advertise in the AJC, Facebook, gslar, yardsaler and craigslist. We pass out maps with all the garage sales on one page to every home to pass out to their customers.  Shoppers take these maps home and bring more people back on Saturday. 

We list what days you are going to be open. Friday and Saturday or just Friday or just Saturday.  FRIDAY is the big money day.  Saturday can be good too but Friday always starts off fast and early. 

Successful garage sales take planning.  Success can be getting rid of a bunch of stuff cluttering your house or success could mean having anywhere from $200 - $1000 in your pocket on Saturday night.

The people that make the big money really plan their stores in their garage.  They merchandise everything. You don’t get rich selling junk and you will not necessarily get the same price you see on eBay.  This is a low price market. It is much easier to sell 100 one dollar items than it is to sell one $100 dollar item.

The sooner you pull that car out of the garage and start loading it the better.  Try and merchandise and price everything. Call or email me and Get on the neighborhood map.  We pass out over 500 of these during the event.

If you want to have a garage sale then do the following 6 things

  1. Email me your home address and tell me you want to be in neighborhood sale.   If you have lots of items and pictures please get that to me by Friday October 25 so I can get them in ads starting on Monday October 28. The latest date you can get on the map is Wednesday October 30  by 5 pm. I go to print on Thursday morning.  770.509.9648 leave a message. 

 Emailing is better because I have a record of it all in one place.

  1. Tell me Friday or Saturday or both?

  2. Give me your list of items and be specific if you want to sell something high end.

  3. You can send me pictures closer to the date but always give me your house number.

  4. Buy a balloon or make a sign for your mailbox.

  5. Go to bank and get change and dollar bills.    

As always I could use any help with this event.  It has grown to $15,000 to $20,000 coming into this neighborhood that one weekend.  I could always use some helpers, especially with balloons and signs.

I am always shocked at the money that comes in for kid’s clothes especially little girl clothes and baby clothes.  When they are divided by size, clean and priced low they sell.

The ones that bring in the most money are the ones that lay out everything nicely and put it in different categories.  So if someone is looking for children’s clothes you would put toys and any items that are related together in one area.  Put house wares together, tools together, kitchen together, animal items together. Price everything and open early on Friday.

Expensive items need to be featured with good signage in your garage.  Expensive items also need good quality photos and extra free advertising on your part to sell.  I can tell you where the free garage sale sites are and what categories to post your ad. 

Last year there were about 3 of us that had a free garage sale on Saturday morning. We stuck all the stuff we did not want by the street and said free.   I posted separate pictures on Friday and said come get it. If you are interested in doing that let me know. The only thing we ask is that you take anything that is left to good will or dump at the end of that day.  

Call or email me any questions


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